Horse Calming Medicine & Supplements

When transporting, grooming, or inspecting horses, calming medication can make a world of difference. Shop our selection of horse calming medicine to soothe your anxious and nervous horses. 

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An excellent calming and focusing supplement that does not induce drowsiness or affect performance of horses.
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An all-natural calming food supplement for horses made from 100% raspberry leaves.
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An excellent supplement for restless, nervous, agitated, anxious and high-strung horses.
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Apple-flavored supplement for horses that helps manage the effects of stress-related activities.
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An excellent calming agent for anxious horses which comes in a palatable cherry flavor.
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A natural formula developed to calm nervous, anxious horses while enhancing focus.
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Designed to help keep horses composed and focused during stressful situations like heavy training and performance activities.

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