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John writes

How and where is the Wilco Doc Woody's Gopher Trap 70204 set??


To Set the Wilco Doc Woody's Gopher Trap 70204: Remove cardboard plug. Depress spring bar into trap. Place hold-down bar across spring bar. Slide trigger wire over hold-down bar. To Place Trap: Find a Fresh mound. Dig below it to open tunnel. Follow tunnel, dig hole large enough to place trap below ground surface. 4" is enough, but get as close to the main tunnel as possible. Pack dirt around base of trap and the spring bar holes so that No Light can enter the Trap. Slide trigger wire to end of the hold-down bar. Extra Hints: To avoid accidental tripping while setting the trap, move trigger wire well up on the hold-down bar. After trap is in place, move trigger wire as close to the end of the hold-down bar as possible. Fresh mounds are darker in color. If there are many mounds present, kick them flat and observe for new activity. To avoid excess damage to lawns, dig out a rectangular piece of lawn slightly larger than trap and save. After gopher is caught, sod can be replaced. Always make sure joints of trap are tight, Air Must Enter Trap - Light Must Not.  

Answer last updated on: 03/31/2020

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