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Aaron from Phoenix, Az writes

How can I Spot Treat for termites?

I treated the preimeter with dominion 2L and it knocked down termites quickly. fast forward 3 months and I see new mud tubes in celing again? should I do an additional perimer treatment and do a spot treat (different product?) in attic crawl space or is there another prefered method I should follow?


If the termites made it indoors then they must have bypassed the trenching treatment form a few months ago. There could be a few different scenarios going on here. 1. the perimeter treatment was somehow disturbed or was not placed completely around the structure and the termites entered through a non-treated area (in this situation you would likely see mud tubes around the exterior of the structure and you should trench and treat accordingly) 2. You have a crawlspace and you did not treat the interior of the crawlspace (in this situation you may see mud tunnels on the interior of the crawlspace or around pipes or piers and you should follow the Dominion product label and treat the crawlspace) 3. The termite colony was under the home and they entered through a hidden crack in the slab or around a pipe or other entry way. (probably will not see the mud tubs as they would likely be in voids) We recommend that you directly treat the infested area with something like Termidor foam and treat accordingly with Dominion 2L if needed in the situations listed above.

Answer last updated on: 01/29/2013

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