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C from Richardson writes

How do I apply Dismiss NXT Herbicide to control Dallisgrass?

I have St. Augustine being overtaken by Dallisgrass, despite digging them up and Round Up. How should I apply this for best results?


Dismiss NXT Herbicide is labeled for to suppress dalliasgrass.  When an herbicide lists that it will "suppress" a weed rather than "control" it, it just means that the research provided from testing did not kill a high enough percentage of the weed in one application to receive a "control" approval, which is usually higher than at least 80 percent. So usually it means you need multiple applications and/or other cultural or chemical treatments to completely eradicate the weed. Dallisgrass is a weed that is notoriously difficult to eradicate quickly once it is established. You can also use Dimension 2EW as a pre-emergent for dallisgrass.

Apply at the rate of 0.234 – 0.350 fl oz./1,000 sq. ft. in however much water it takes you to cover the area.  You may need to retreat 4 weeks after the first treatment

Answer last updated on: 07/24/2018

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