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Anna from Texas writes

How do I apply Precor 2000 on a two story home?

I live in a two story town home, most of the stuff upstairs, where we have carpet, had to be taken down stairs in order to apply Precor 2000 easily. We are trying to get rid of the fleas up stairs before treating downstairs. Since most of our stuff is now downstairs and also have fleas downstairs, can I treat one story at a time or will the fleas from down stairs be going upstairs? What is the best way to apply on a 2 story home?


You should plan on treating upstairs and downstairs with Precor 2000 Plus at the same time so you are not constantly re-infesting the treated areas by carrying fleas from one part of the house to the other. Remember to vacuum all surfaces and cracks and crevices of the floor and around baseboards first before you apply Precor 2000. You should also vacuum often over the next week and apply again exactly 14 days later after your first application. Be sure to vacuum again before your second treatment.

Answer last updated on: 07/22/2012

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