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Kemp from Kelso, Wa writes

How do I control adult largus / bordered plant bugs?

I have had limited success treating for nymphs during summer months, but it got away from me last year and after a mild winter I still have swarms of adult largus (which look similar to boxelder bugs, however nymphs are very different) around south-facing windows and doors, especially on warmer days. Any suggestions for treatment at this time of year? Help!!!


The largus or bordered plant bug will behave similarly to boxelder bugs, feeding on plants in summer and hiding in protected areas during the winter. You usually will not see significant plant damage from these pests. To prevent them from entering the home, you will need to treat in late Summer and Fall  when these pests are moving indoors. If you only wait until Spring when they are inadvertently finding their way indoors instead of outside, then you will only get limited control. We sell a great Overwintering Pest Kit to help protect your home from these Fall invaders. Be sure also to practice good Exclusion by sealing up any possible openings around windows, doors, utilities, or other access points where these pests may be able to hide on or in your home.

Answer last updated on: 04/07/2017

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