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Kelly from Minneapolis writes

How do I kill pachypsylla in mature hackberry trees?

We have thousands of these small creatures that hang around our windows in the fall.


Yes, you could apply a systemic product such as Merit 2F Insecticide as foliar sprays only help when they are in certain stages on the hackberry tree. The sytemic product would normally take a couple of weeks to translocate all the way through the tree, so a foliar spray may help in the mean time until the product works its way through the center.  We highly suggest using it again before symptoms start to appear to prevent your trees damage the next year. Adult psyllids emerge from galls in September and can be annoying to people living near infested trees. Psyllids will swarm to houses, particularly light-colored ones, in search of protected locations to pass the winter. When the weather warms up, they come out of dormancy and become a nuisance. They do not bite humans or pets.

Answer last updated on: 05/03/2017

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