Merit 2F Insecticide

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Merit 2F Insecticide

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13 Reviews | 44 Q&A

Product Overview

Merit 2F Insecticide is for the use of insect control on turfgrass, sod farms, fruit and nut trees, interior plantscapes, and ornamental landscapes. Merit 2F Insecticide's active ingredient is Imidacloprid. Merit 2F Insecticide can also be used to suppress chinch bugs and cutworms. It is a systemic product that will travel up the plant system from the roots. Merit 2F Insecticide has long residual control - it interferes with the insects' nervous system to stop feeding, producing, and then dies.

CANNOT be used on pets for any reason.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Imidacloprid 21.4%
Target pests Aphids, Billbugs, Beetles, Bluegrass Weevil, Cutworms, Chinch Bugs, June Beetle, Japanese Beetle, Masked Chafers, Mealybugs, Soft Scales, White-flies, White Grub Larvae and others
* See label for complete list
For use in Commercial & Residential: Outdoors & Indoors:
Lawns, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Golf Courses, Airports, Cemeteries, Parks, Playgrounds, Athletic Fields and Sod Farms
Turfgrass, Sod Farms, Fruit and Nut Trees, Interior Plantscapes and Ornamental Landscapes
Application * See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Formulation Professional Product
Group 4A Insecticide
AZ, CO, CT, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NV, NY, RI, VT (Restricted To Applicators Only)
Shipping Weight 0.71 lbs
Manufacturer Envu (Formerly Bayer) (Mfg. Number: 4327283)
EPA Registration 432-1312



MERIT 2F Insecticide can be used for the control of soil inhabiting pests of turfgrass, such as Northern & Southern masked chafers, Asiatic garden beetle, European chafer, Green June beetle, May or June beetle, Japanese beetle, Oriental beetle, Billbugs, Annual bluegrass weevil, Black turfgrass ataenius, European Crane Fly, and mole crickets. MERIT 2F Insecticide can also be used for suppression of cutworms and chinch bugs. MERIT 2F Insecticide can be used as directed on turfgrass in sites such as home lawns, business and office complexes, shopping complexes, multi-family residential complexes, golf courses, airports, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds, athletic fields and sod farms.

The active ingredient in MERIT 2F Insecticide has sufficient residual activity so that applications can be made preceding the egg laying activity of the target pests. High levels of control can be achieved when applications are made preceding or during the egg laying period. The need for an application can be based on historical monitoring of the site, previous records or experiences, current season adult trapping or other methods. Optimum control will be achieved when applications are made prior to egg hatch of the target pests, followed by sufficient irrigation or rainfall to move the active ingredient through the thatch.

Applications should not be made when turfgrass areas are waterlogged or the soil is saturated with water. Adequate distribution of the active ingredient cannot be achieved when these conditions exist. The treated turf area must be in such a condition that the rainfall or irrigation will penetrate vertically in the soil profile. Applications cannot exceed a total of 1.6 pints (0.4 lb of active ingredient) per acre per year.


MERIT 2F Insecticide is for use on ornamentals in commercial and residential landscapes and interior plantscapes. MERIT 2F Insecticide is a systemic product and will be translocated upward into the plant system from root uptake. To assure optimum effectiveness, the product must be placed where the growing portion of the target plant can absorb the active ingredient. The addition of a nitrogen containing fertilizer, where applicable, into the solution may enhance the uptake of the active ingredient. Application can be made by foliar application or soil applications; including soil injection, drenches, and broadcast sprays. Foliar applications offer locally systemic activity against insect pests.

When making soil applications to plants with woody stems, systemic activity will be delayed until the active ingredient is translocated throughout the plant. In some cases, this translocation delay could take 60 days or longer. For this reason, applications should be made prior to anticipated pest infestation to achieve optimum levels of control.

For outdoor ornamentals, broadcast applications cannot exceed a total of 1.6 pints (0.4 lb of active ingredient) per acre per year.

NOTE: Not for use in commercial greenhouses, nurseries, or on grasses grown for seed, or on commercial fruit and nut trees.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Effective Product

    By Gary on 06/12/2014

    Verified Purchase

    I used Merit 2F to control white grubs in 3+ acres of lawn turf. While my lawn area is a mixture of grass types the grubs were always a pest and hard to control from year to year. Merit 2F had very quick kill results and looks to have long lasting effective control.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Easy treatment, long term cure

    By Joe on 07/10/2015

    I just treated my lawn with Merit 2 F. The treatment is intended to prevent lawn pest damage over the period of a year, so one should not expect visible overnight results. I have great confidence in Merit 2 F from the results I have gotten using premixed products containing Merit. The benefit of Merit 2 F is the cost savings realized by mixing only the amount you need for your application. The only improvement I would suggest in the directions for mixing is to include accurate instructions for making smaller quantities, even though it is a simple math calculation.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Palm Care

    By M06fl on 05/12/2015

    Verified Purchase

    Product recommended by Palm tree seller. I have no insects on palms. That's all that matters to me.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Re: Best investment

    By Rob on 11/29/2016

    I use Merit bc the pros use this same product. After finding out that I could purchase the same products the lawn pros used, I tried it out and had excellent success. I've used other chain-store products, but only Merit delivers the killer ingredient needed to get rid of grubs and other lawn eating insects.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Great product

    By Rob on 03/24/2016

    I tried purchasing a similar product from my local landscape supplier, but it did not work like Merit. You can truly see the difference in the green grass that Merit allows you to have. Read the instructions to use the proper amount

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    7 of 8 people found this review helpful

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Questions & Answers

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How much product should be dilred in how much water? How much of dilution should be applied to each tree?

I am using this as a soil drench to kill woolly aldegids on hemlocks. How do I know how much product should be diluted per gallon of water? How do I know how much to put on each tree. Average diameter of each tree is 24"

Most people use a 5 gallon bucket or a large watering can to apply Merit 2F as a soil drench. You will need 0.1 to 0.2 fl. oz. (3 to 6 mL) of Merit per inch of trunk diameter for trees. The amount of water that is used will vary depending on soil conditions and volumes that are easy for applicators to use. The minimum amount of water that should be used is 1 pint per inch of trunk diameter but you may use 1 quart -1 gallon of water per inch of trunk diameter for trees as well. Denser soils such as clay do not accept water as readily, so the lower volume of water is suggested.  Since sandy soils can accept more water, using the higher volume of water is preferred. After the soil drench has been applied you should water it in with at east 1/2 inch of water. Note: Water simply acts as a carrier and it is important that even distribution of the product is achieved. Thus, more water may be used if the applicator feels runoff will not occur and proper penetration of the root zone is achieved. Insecticides applied to the soil are taken up by the roots and translocated throughout the tree or shrub. Root/soil drenches offer the advantage of requiring no special equipment to apply (other than a bucket or watering can). However, surface layers of organic matter, such as mulch or leaf litter, can bind the insecticide and reduce uptake. Before applying drenches, it is important to remove or pull back any mulch or dead leaves so the insecticide solution is poured directly on the mineral soil. It is also important to keep the soil around the tree or shrub moist for the next 7-10 days after applications to encourage uptake.

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Does it work on grub worms? How diluted? Oz/sq.ft.? When to apply?

We had Japanese beetles last year here in eastern PA. Their eggs ate my grass. I spread dylox spores in August of last year once I realized what it was (the experts at trugreen never figured it out and after the visits I took over).

Yes, Merit 2F does kill Grubs , the larva of the Japanese Beetle. You would use 0.46-0.6 oz in one gallon of water and use one gallon of finished solution per 1,000 square feet.

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Shelf life of Merit 2F Insecticide?
The shelf life on Merit 2F all depends on how it is stored. If the product has been tightly sealed and kept out of sunlight and extreme temperatures, the shelf life is 3-5 years

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Can this product be applied to turf using a hose end sprayer?
Yes, Merit 2F can be used in a hose end sprayer. You will need to make sure you are using the right amount of product per 1000 square feet depending on what you are treating for.

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Can I use Merit 2F for grub control?

If I use this for grubs, early now frost just gone, will it get rid of grubs/moles ?? was told this would work, & also mixture for sprayer, 1 1/3 acre with house. K.

The Merit 2F can be applied to yard for grub control and should be put down around the end of May to the beginning of June when grubs will start being most active. You can apply it at the appropriate rate per the product label for grub control a few times throughout the season to keep them under control. While grubs are one food source for moles, they are not the only food source for them and ridding your yard of grubs should not be your only method of control if moles are your primary problem. We have several products for moles that you can view HERE: Mole Control.

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Merit 2F Insecticide 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.7 (13 Reviews / 44 Q&A)

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