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Stephen from Upstate New York writes

How do I know if I have mice?

I have a drop ceiling in my basement and I hear noises possibly mice. there was an infestation once before and it was resolved, I have set glue traps and bait stations. I have not gotten anything. I was just wondering what I should look for, what are the tell tale signs? What do they eat?


Mice can eat anything including pet food or any human food that is in the pantry.  The real tell tale sign of rodents is droppings.  You can get on a ladder and look up in the drop ceiling and see if there are any droppings from mice or other animals that may be in the house.  If there are no droppings, then you may not have an issue.  You can google "rodent droppings" to see pictures of what they look like.

Answer last updated on: 08/13/2011

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