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Guy from United States writes

How do you treat a Florida carpenter ant (bull ant) that is not wood destroying?

I have Florida carpenter ants nesting in voids where my patio roof meets the main roof of my house. These ants are winged males coming out in the evening at dusk. I killed as many as I could see with Raid Ant and Roach killer, but I am sure that the nests are alive and well deep in the voids. I looked them up on the web and these ants do not destroy hard wood and prefer voids in structures or soft wood. What can I treat them with?


If you can get to the voids where you know the ants are nesting and trailing you could use a product like Termidor Foam to expand and reach as much of the nest as possible. Once the foam dissipates it will dry and leave behind a residual for a few weeks to transfer from one ant to the next to eliminate the entire colony in the home. After eliminating the colony you will want to try and seal up as many entry points for the ants as possible for the next year.

Answer last updated on: 07/06/2014

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