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Jemarquezg from Saint Johns, Fl writes

How early can I apply Gallery 75 DF Specialty Herbicide if I'm targeting chamberbitter?

, this weed germinates late spring, early summer. If I apply mid March that'd be more than 60 days before germination, should I re-apply say early June?, I didn't see any temperature restriction in the label, is there any?


Chamberbitter (also called mimosa, gripeweed, niruri) germinates when temperatures are warm, around 70 degrees F. You would need to apply Gallery 75 DF at the rate of at least 1 lb per Acre (0.38 oz per 1,000 sq ft) to prevent this weed from germinating. You can reappyl at 60 day intervals as needed, as long as you do not exceed 4 lbs per Acre per year, per the product label. The only temperature restriction we would recommend is that you should not apply pre-emergents when the ground is frozen, near freezing temperatures, or water-logged. So if you make a February or March application, then you could reapply at least 60 days from that. 

Another great tool to help prevent this weed in ornamental beds is to keep a 2-4" layer of mulch in the beds to prevent these seeds from being able to germinate. Here are some articles with additional relevant tips and information:

Answer last updated on: 02/09/2018

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