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Lynn from Montclair, Nj writes

How effective would ProPest Clothes Moth Traps be to use in my garage near the clothes rack? Where is the best place to put the traps and how many do I use? Will using the traps draw moths to areas where I have not seen moth activity?

I've seen occasional moth flying around and had to get rid of quite a few sweaters. I also have carpet beetles.


ProPest Clothes Moth Trap will work on webbing clothes moths by attracting the males to the trap. It is recommended to to hang the trap with a hook, hanger, string, zip tie or secured to a wall or other surface with double-sided tape or zip ties. You will use NO more than 2 traps per home. Using more moth traps will confuse the moths by overwhelming the area with phermone. If you are unsure if you have webbing clothes moths or casemaking clothes moths, this would be the 1st step in your treatment. You may read our How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths Article for identifcation and treatment tips. We would also recommend consulting with the local cooperative extension office in your county for a postitve id. In order to successfully treat for Clothes Moths, the ProPest Clothes Moth Traps need to be used with a crack and crevice insectide like Suspend SC or aerosol like Cy-Kick CS. Suspend SC can also be used for Carpet Beetle control and is applied the same way, as a crack and crevice spray. Please read our Carpet Beetle Control Article for full details on products and treament applications. 

Answer last updated on: 07/07/2017

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