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Erin from Nj writes

How long does Ultracide take to work?

We first noticed fleas in the house about 3 weeks ago. We gave the cats (3, all indoor) flea baths and treated them with Advantage, as advised by our vet. We ordered Ultracide and sprayed the entire house 5 days ago. Initially, we saw less fleas. However, last night I got bit 5 times (I had never been bit previously) and my husband was bit 7 times. We've been vacuuming every single day. Is it necessary to move furniture and spray every inch of the carpet/floor with Ultracide? Do we then have to move the furniture and vacuum every single inch? We haven't moved anything and have only sprayed/vacuumed the visible, easy-to-reach locations.


What you are describing is very normal when dealing with flea infestations. You will need to vacuum and spray with Ultracide all of the carpet, paying special attention to the places the cats like to spend time resting. This initial spray application will help knockdown the jumping biting adults that are present at the time of the application. The daily followup vacuuming will help speed up the life cycle of the flea so that the pupae (immature fleas) will become exposed to the insecticide. You will need to do a second application to get any of the stragglers. You should expect to see fleas, usually smaller than the ones you were seeing before, for a couple of weeks after you start treating.

Answer last updated on: 09/26/2011

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