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Jack from New Jersey writes

How long for treatment with Advion Cockroach Gel Bait?

Hello, About 7 weeks ago, we noticed an adult roach in the living room. Then 3 weeks later, saw 1 baby nymph on the kitchen counter. My baby and I live in an ~800 sqft apt. We bought Advion bait and Gentrol Source Point. 1) How long should we continue to treat with the Advion Bait and how often should we re-apply the bait? 2) How long to continue the Gentrol Source Point treatments for? 3) When can we expect the roaches to be completely dead? 4) Should we apply to every room or is that too much? Even rooms where we do not see any activity? 5) Would an egg be affected by the Gentrol making them sterile? Or a roach carrying an egg be affected by the Gentrol (making egg + mom sterile)? Do they need constant exposure to Gentrol or if they pass through 1x it would be effect to affect them (meaning should I overdose them with it?) 6) Should I put one high up on the cabinets so the vapor can fall past the cabinets, get to the stove and on the counters? 7) If I don't use the oven, can I put Gentrol behind the stove? 8) What happens if they bypass the Gentrol, does that meant that I can expect them to live another 12 mths. How can I prevent that? Thanks so much!


When treating for active roaches, you will need to replace bait placements using Advion Cockroach Gel Bait every 10-14 days. Roach baits need to be rotated after 60-90 days as a resistance can develop. Our Roach Control Kits A, B & C contain everything you need to treat for roaches by rotating the bait in the kits. Click here to view the Roach Control Kit page. 

Along with spraying the baseboards, under cabinets, behind appliances, under sinks, around windows, etc with a residual spray like Temprid FX. Temprid FX is mixed at 8ml to 16ml per gallon of water. We would recommend treating the entire interior of the home with focus on the rooms where activity has been seen. 

Gentrol Point Source packs last for 90 days. Place the packs on top of cabinets, refridgerators, on side of walls, etc about 1-2 ft down from the ceiling. It is one Gentrol Pointe Source pack every 75 sq ft area needed to treat. Once the Gentrol Place Pack has been activate, you can leave it be, there is no routine maintenance required. Roaches are affected without having to contact the disk. Gentrol cannot be used in any appliances. 

Please view our How to Get Rid of Roaches Treatment Guide for detailed information on how to fully treat and eradicate for roaches. 


Answer last updated on: 05/07/2021

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