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Sue from Baltimore, Md writes

How much time does an insect need to be exposed to the Gentrol IGR for it to affect them?

I assume Gentrol works as a gas. I sometimes give rides to friends who are affected by bedbugs. if I spray Gentrol around my car, will it work for hitchhiker bugs? I also keep Cimexa around the rugs and cracks. I used Ecoraider when I had it. If Gentrol doesn't likely work in this situation, what is your top recommendation?


Per the manufacturer: Gentrol works at each molt and critically at the molt to adult where it produces mortality and sterile adults. So it is active at application but the bedbugs have to develop in the presence of Gentrol. It's a great protectant to keep an infestation from developing but it works when they molt. When bed bugs are "hitchhiking" it's usually mated females trying to avoid males. They aren't very mobile so they stick to cracks and crevices in items unless disturbed. In a study done by ZoeCon, roaches appeared to have twisted or curled wings within two weeks of being exposed to Gentrol IGR. Yes, Gentrol IGR translocates so it can be applied to cracks and crevices without the need to broadcast. You could use Gentrol Aerosol IGR along with D-Force Insecticide or Cimexa Dust in the cracks and crevices of your car.

Answer last updated on: 11/02/2018

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