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Robert from Huntington, Wv writes

How often should I change the bait in the bait stations?

I am using canned cat food. I have not noticed any yellow jacket activity around my bait stations.


The nutritional needs of yellow jackets change periodically. During the early part of the season yellow jackets are mainly looking for proteins such as fish or chicken. They will usually forage for proteins first, while they are feeding their developing yellow jackets back at the nest, and this is the best time to bait for them. Using protein baits will also help deter honey bees from entering the bait stations (honey bees are on the decline and it is best avoid harming them whenever possible). During other parts of the season yellow jackets are looking for carbohydrate or sugary foods like soda, beer or fruit juice to help maintain energy levels. We recommend that you put out a couple of different protein baits (fish, chicken) and a couple of different carbohydrate baits (cola, fruit juice) without adding the Onslaught. Leave the bait out for a day or two and see which bait the yellow jackets are attracted to. Once you see which bait they like, then you can add the Onslaught to the mix and put out the bait stations. Be sure to use the recommended usage rate of Onslaught per 12 oz. of bait to avoid making the bait repellent to the yellow jackets.

Answer last updated on: 06/28/2012

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