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Jean from Maple Grove, Minnesota writes

How often to replace Maxforce Ant Bait stations?

I do not know what to look for in bait traps to see if they are used up? I did not think instructions were clear as to how many to use and how often to replace. I have a large tree that had many carpenter ants. I put quite a few bait traps on the tree but today I did see several ants again. I reread information on labels but did not get my questions answered


The Maxforce FC Ant Bait stations are made so that you can see the bait faintly through the top plastic red covering.  The stations should only be replaced if the bait inside is gone.  Typically the stations are left out for at least 30 days or as long as needed until the bait is gone.  Baiting is not an overnight process.  Depending on colony size, baiting can take a few days to 3 to 4 weeks to kill an entire ant colony.

Answer last updated on: 06/23/2012

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