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How to Apply Iron to Your Lawn

By DoMyOwn staff

Iron is an essential minor element that can affect the color & health of your lawn. Learn more about iron and timing your application with these quick tips.

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Hi I'm Heath from Today we're going to talk about how to apply Iron to your lawn and the best timing for those applications.

Iron is an essential minor element. It helps in the photosynthesis process, taking the sunlight and turning into sugars, which is good for the plant's color. You'll be able to tell that your lawn is Iron deficient by the color of the lawn.

It turning yellow is a good sign that your lawn may be Iron deficient or maybe you have something else going on with the lawn.

But a good way to determine that is by a soil analysis. Doing a soil analysis will tell you if your pH level is in the neutral state, which will allow you to apply products to the lawn to correct the coloring.

Ideally, you want a pH range between 6 and 7 for most grass types.

You can check with your local extension service to determine your grass type and where the pH should be for your lawn.

Your timing of your application of Iron is very important.

For warm season grasses, that's generally gonna be from spring through summer, making sure not to apply it when the grass is actually dormant.

You wanna make sure that the grass is actually growing so it can benefit from those Iron applications.

Cool season turfs will be the same thing: You'll apply in spring all the way through fall, with the summer being the most important for those applications.

It's good to apply during summer months because you can put a color to the lawn without encouraging brown patch fungus from Nitrogen and other things.

Generally speaking, 1-2 applications of Iron is all you'd need per year.

Unless your lawn is Iron deficient which a soil analysis would tell you that, you can apply that monthly if needed.

Or if you have a big event that you're planning, it may be a good idea to apply Iron a few days prior to that event to give you that deep, rich color.

An Iron application is not only good for color but also for disease prevention.

It can help prevent dollar spot fungus as well as brown patch fungus from forming in the lawn.

Another added benefit to an Iron application is the prevention as well as elimination of moss.

When applying Iron, you have two different options: you can do a liquid application.

You can actually mix a liquid iron with a fungicide and do the application at the same time, or you can do a granular iron application and if you need to apply a fungicide application you can do that as well on the same day.

You can apply right after the Iron application, so that you're not walking through the fungicide that you've already applied.

You would need to water those applications in to get the benefit and with the Iron it will take a few days for the root system of the plant to uptake.

So in summary, Iron is a very important minor element that is important for the color & health of the lawn.

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