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How to Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide Split Applications

By DoMyOwn staff

Heard about pre-emergent split applications but not sure if its right for you? In this video, we go over what split applications for weed control are and when to apply for optimal weed prevention.

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Video Transcript

Hey I'm Amber with Today I'm here to talk to you about split Applications of Pre-Emergent Herbicides.

Let's start with what a Split Application is. This is where you take a pre-emergent that labeled to be used at lower rates in multiple increments or multiple treatments to allow you to get extended control throughout your yard.

Certain weeds are going to be controlled better by two applications. So by doing a first application, say in the Spring before your soil temperatures reach 55 degrees, you'll get the first range of weeds that start emerging as the soil temperatures rise. Grasses like crabgrass for instance. Then, as temperatures continue to warm up further into the season, doing a second application 5-10 weeks later, based on your label's recommendation, you can do a second application to extend that control and cover a wider range of weeds than what you would have from a single regular rate application. You'll always wanna make sure you check your label to make sure you are using the correct rates for your lawn's needs and the correct split application rate to make sure you don't go over the maximum rates per year.

Each label will have it's maximum rates you can do. Now if you do a Split Application in the spring for instance, you may not be able to use the same pre-emergent later in the year for the fall. This is where coming in and rotating your active ingredients, or mode of action, can give you increased control and make sure no resistance issues will happen in your lawn down the road.

Grasses in the Fall that you can use a split application with are grasses like goose grass. Two applications will really help make sure those weeds won't pop up and you don't have to worry about treating later on.

Often in the Spring, homeowners want to dethatch or aerate their lawn to improve the overall health of their lawn in general. Typically we recommend doing this aeration and dethatching prior to the first pre-emergent application if you're going to do a split application or even if you are doing a single.

Some customers, though, depending on their lawn's needs, may need to aerate or dethatch lightly in between their split applications. This is okay to do, just make sure when you do that second application, you do it very even and thorough to make sure that no holes are missed, and everything is going to be a complete barrier across the entire yard.

Make sure that with each application of your pre-emergent you water it in well to create the barrier you are looking for in the soil.

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