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How to check for Ticks Indoors

By DoMyOwn staff

Ticks tend to make their way into your home or business by way of latching onto our pets. When you have ticks on dogs, they can easily jump for your pet to furniture. In this video, we will show you the key places to inspect for a tick infestation.

 How to check for Ticks Indoors Video Play

If you have pets that move back and forth between the outdoors and the inside of your home, it is very possible that you will encounter a tick problem at some time. Ticks love to hitchhike on the skin of animals to gain access to your home.  Once they get inside, they can crawl vertically up furniture and walls and settle deep in cracks and crevices. Learning how to inspect for ticks indoors can help you spot an infestation early on, and cut down on the cost and length of a tick control program.  Once you've determined that you have tick indoors, we'll teach you how to eliminate an indoor tick infestation.  All you will need for the inspection is a bright flashlight.  Begin by checking your pet's crate and bedding.  Use the bright flashlight to carefully inspect folds and creases in the fabric for live ticks.  Keep in mind that ticks can vary in size from a very small pinhead to the size of a grape.  Colors range from brown, to reddish-orange, to black.  Next, check the surface folds, and creases of upholstered furniture, draperies, and any other places where your pet spends time resting or grooming.  

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