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How to Control Weeds in Your Lawn

By DoMyOwn staff

Nothing takes away from a beautiful yard like weeds. Unwanted weeds not only distract from your yard, but they can cause disease, take away nutrients, and stop grass seeds from growing. In this video, we show you the very basics of how to apply weed killer for lawns, both pre-emergents and post-emergents.

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Video Transcript

Weeds distract from the color and texture of your lawn, and compete with your grass for nutrients and water. This can result in a thinned out lawn. Weeds are usually broken up into two categories – grassy (which includes crabgrass) and broadleaf (like dandelions and clover).

You can control almost all turf weeds with either pre or post-emergent weed control products.

Pre-emergent products kill weeds before they are able to grow above the soil. It is important to apply pre-emergents when the soil reaches 55 degrees, right when seeds begin to germinate in the soil. Timing is very important! You should put pre-emergents down either right before spring or right before fall.

Post-emergent products kill already-growing weeds. You can choose many different types of these products based on your needs. Selective products will not harm foliage other than the target weeds, while non-selective will kill any plant it comes in contact with, including your grass.

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