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How To Get Rid of Fleas in The House - Indoor Flea Control Treatment

By DoMyOwn staff

Follow these steps to make sure you eradicate fleas in your home and on your pet safely and effectively.

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Hi, I'm Amber with Today I'm going to show you how to get rid of fleas in your house as well as how to get rid of fleas on your pet. Eliminating fleas from your home is a high priority to help keep you and your pets safe and happy.

The products you'll want to use are a flea aerosol. As with many of our flea aerosols on our website they all contain the main two key factors to eliminating fleas. The have the "adulticide" which will kill the adult fleas in the area as well as an IGR birth control for the fleas to help halt the reproductive cycle. You'll also use a flea dust. This will get sprinkled on the carpet raked in with a broom and then excess will be vacuumed up. We'll show you how to do these later. Then you'll want to treat the other main important part of your home, your pet.

Treat them with a flea topical as well as a flea spray on their coat to help eliminate the fleas. Now we'll show you how to do the treatment to get rid of fleas in your home. Step one to doing an indoor flea treatment, vacuuming. The most important part of any indoor flea treatment is vacuuming. Not vacuuming is usually the reason why many homeowners have a hard time getting rid of fleas in their home. Vacuuming does a few things. First it will suck up some adult fleas on the surface so when you are done you should dispose of the bag or dump out the reservoir if it is bagless.

Second and most important, vacuuming stimulates the flea eggs to hatch. Fleas are protected in their eggs so getting them to hatch will make them exposed to the products when you apply them. Step two, initial application. After vacuuming you're read to apply the aerosol product in your kit. Make sure there are no toys or items on the floor. Kids and pets should be outside or in another part of the home.

The aerosol contains an "adulticide" to kill adult fleas, but most importantly, a flea IGR that prevents them from reproducing. It's kind of like birth control for fleas. This can is applied upside down about three feet above the carpet. It is recommended to start in the back of the room and work your way out. In a waving motion, like you were spraying spray paint on the floor, depress the can top and thoroughly treat the room. It is important to get under beds, chairs, as well as treat the bottom part of any draperies, couches, chairs, and especially pet bedding.

Once the entire home, carpets, upholstered areas, pet bedding, and area rugs are treated, it will take a few hours for the product to completely dry. After the flea aerosol has been applied, you should apply the Cimexa dust on all carpeted areas and rugs. Sprinkle the product on the carpet and then work it in with a broom.

You should plan to leave the home with kids and pets after treating for a few hours to allow the flea aerosol product to dry. Upon returning to the home, you should vacuum one more time to stimulate the flea eggs and vacuum up any residual dust on the carpet. After the flea aerosol is dry and you have vacuumed up any residual dust it is safe to allow kids and pets back into the room. Step three, vacuum again! Fleas reproduce every 2 weeks. To read more go to