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How to Get Rid of Spiders Indoors

By DoMyOwn staff

Learn how to get rid of spiders in your home with our professional grade products.

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Video Transcript

Spiders need a food source and harborage site to live indoors. To get rid of spiders living in your home, chose an insecticide that will eliminate their food source, other insects. This will help prevent new spiders from moving indoors.

We recommend the use of a concentrated insecticide that is labeled for spiders to help eliminate the current spider population. Spray around door frames, window frames, all baseboards, in closets and storage rooms, and where utilities enter the structure.

Note that concentrated insecticides do not offer an instant kill, but rather leave behind a residual to offer long-lasting control. If you need an instant knockdown, we recommend using a pyrethrin-based aerosol spray to supplement your insecticide treatment. These sprays offer a contact kill and not the long-lasting control a concentrated insecticide application offers.

After performing an insecticide application, placing glue boards around your home will help you monitor the area for spiders and other insect activity. Place glue boards in cabinets, under appliances and storage areas such as attics or basements, and in the back of closets.

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