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How to Inspect for Horsetail Weeds

Finding Horsetail Weeds on your Property

By DoMyOwn staff

Where Will I Find Horsetail Growing?

a horsetail plant

Horsetail, also known as field horsetail, scientific name Equisetum arvense, is an invasive, perennial weed that grows tall and can be difficult to eliminate from an area once it is established.

Read on for more details about what to look for on your property as you inspect it for horsetail weeds.

When Am I Likely to Find Horsetail?

a group of horsetail stalks in a field

The first form of horsetail, the spore-bearing stalk, appears only for spore distribution early in the spring. These stems will die off soon after accomplishing their task of releasing the spores from their small cone tips into the wild.

The second form of horsetail weeds, the taller photosynthetic stalk topped with the familiar feathery brush of thin leaves, will grow through the summer, and remain viable until the first frost later in the year.

Where Does Horsetail Grow?

a map illustrating where horsetail is found in the US--only LA and FL are not common horsetail areas

Horsetail weeds like to grow in damp places with acidic soil, but they do require adequate sunlight to thrive. Once the weed is established in a spot, however, it can survive through drier weather conditions.

These feathery weeds are often found in landscape beds around homes and businesses, in agricultural fields, in wooded areas, and along roadsides where water may gather.

Geographically, horsetail weeds can be found in nearly every state in the U.S., although they are not common in the Gulf Coastal states.

Found horsetail weeds on your property? Learn how to kill horsetail in the next part of our 4-part guide. Click the right arrow below to read more.

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