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How to Place Rodent Snap Traps

By DoMyOwn staff

Indoor rat and mice control relies heavily on proper use of traps. Learn entry-level methods of placement with this video!

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Video Transcript

We want to make sure when we're using traps indoors that we're placing them in hard to reach areas like inside cabinets or above them putting them underneath or behind refrigerators where kids and pets cannot reach as easily or behind appliances in general or large pieces of furniture. Placing these is not only going to be ideal for your pet and child safety but your results as well. You have a couple different ways that you can place these.

You can do it with what we refer to as the business end facing the wall which is going to be the part where the pedal actually is that the rodent steps on. So if we take this trap and we set it we're going to take this part and place it against our wall. This way as the rodent comes from either direction, it's going to be able to cross right over that petal and get a hold of that bait and get caught.

You may need to do two traps. This could mean placing them back to back in this fashion that way we've got business in from either direction that they're coming from. No matter which way they go they're going to run into a trap.

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