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How to Use CB-80 Aerosol Insecticide

By DoMyOwn staff

CB-80 Aerosol can get rid of insects like wasps, flies, and mosquitoes and crawling insects like roaches, ants, and spiders. CB-80 Aerosol Insecticide can even control bed bugs.

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Hi this is Kyle from Today we're gonna be talking about CB-80.

CB-80 Aerosol is a great non residual insecticide that is a great flushing agent for a variety of pests. CB80 aerosol can quickly knock down and kill multiple pests and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. CB-80 aerosol is a non-residual insecticide used to rapidly kill and control residential, industrial, and barn pests. The active ingredient encourages pests to leave their hiding spots and provide contact kill to quickly knockdown infestations.

The convenient aerosol can eliminate the need for additional equipment and the included straw allows you to apply CB-80 to the cracks and crevices where pests hide. Pests controlled by CB-80 include ants, bed bugs, beetles, cockroaches, drain flies, spiders, and more.

To use CB80, remove animals, children, and other people from the room.Cover any utensils and food containers.

For flying insects like flies and gnats, spray a sweeping motion for two to three seconds for every thousand cubic feet of room.Keep the room closed for 15 minutes, then open and remove dead insects.

For crawling insects, directly spray into an area you suspect pests are hiding including cracks and crevices beneath orbehind appliances, in plumbing, and alongsidethe baseboards. When spraying cracks and crevices, use the straw conveniently attached to the bottle. Simply raise the straw from the side of the the bottle and lock it into place. Test the straw with a quick spray outside to ensure it is in place. Directly spray onto roaches and other pests if visible. Leave the room and keep closed for 15 minutes, then open and ventilate the room before returning.

Repeat these treatments as necessary: allow rooms to fully ventilate and dry before allowing pets and people to re-enter - about 30 minutes to one hour.

CB-80 can be applied to mattresses' tufts and folds, drapes, and around baseboards molding, and flooring to knock down bedbugs, but should not be the only productused for bed bug control.

For fleas, spray pets bedding, sleeping quarters, and flooring but do not spray pets directly.

Outdoors, apply under soffits, eaves,where utilities enter the home, around the door and window frames, and other possible points of entry. Spray directly onto wasp and other stinging flying insects when possible.

CB-80 can be used in food processing facilities and livestock facilities. Refer to the product label for specific instructions for commercial applications. Make sure you check out the CB-8 aerosol label on specific sites on where you can and cannot use this product.

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