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How to Use the Bellow Hand Duster to Apply Insecticide Dust

By DoMyOwn staff

The Bellow Hand Duster is an excellent way to apply insecticide dust around your home. In this video, learn how to use this popular product.

 How to Use the Bellow Hand Duster to Apply Insecticide Dust Video Play

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Philip with, and today we're going to be talking about the Bellows hand duster. It's a great duster. A lot of professionals love using it because it's simple, it holds up well over time. This is actually a newer version of the duster. You will notice that it's clear, so you can see how much dust you have in the container which is nice. A couple features with the Bellow Hand Duster is the rubber cap that you can take off an fill with dust.  You want to make sure you are filling this duster half way full with dust. Or you will not get the right mixture of air and dust when you are trying to apply it.

It has a rubber tip that's nice to get the dust into electrical outlets when you're trying to access wall voids.  It's nice to have that rubber tip there to give you some extra protection if you accidentally tap a wire. But it also has a cap on the end, so you can cap it up for storage. And finally, here on the back of the duster you can actually screw off this back part right here, and that's a rod you can use to clear our the front of the duster if it gets clogged. 

When you are using the bellow hand duster, make sure you hold it upside down. That way the dust sit on the bottom of the duster and when your puffing it gets the right mixture of air and dust coming out. And right now we are going to show you exactly how to do that within your own home. 

We have the Bellow hand duster here. When you are inside, you want to d a light amount of dust, so you turn the Bellow Duster upside down. And your gonna stick right here at the front of it, and dust int the wall void, just once is all you need. It doesn't take a lot for the insects the pick up the dust. And to access the wall void, you want to the duster to go in between the box and the sheetrock. You can see right here you'll just need the help of a screwdriver to pull the box away enough for the duster to fit right in between it.  Once the dusters between it, you can do a couple dusts inside to wall void. That dust will dissipate inside the wall and catch any insects that are walking by the floor.

You may have carpet is right underneath the base board and is really tight, so you may not be able to do this in every house, but if you have the opportunity to do it, it is a really great way to get dust right under the wall void where bugs come out, so in this situation we do have a gap. As you can tell, I can fit the hang duster right in between the carpet and the baseboard and you want to put it in the middle and give it a puff of dust. You want to do this every 12 inches. 

Underneath the kitchen sink where either the pipes go into the cabinets or into the walls is an excellent place to apply dust. Usually, there is slip covers on the pipes you can just move those up out of the way.  Take the duster right into the crack, and now you can dust the void underneath the sink cabinet.  

Behind the toliet where the pipe goes into the wall is the perfect place to use the Bellow hand duster."