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How to Use the Luralite Pro Fly Light Indoor Electric Fly Trap

By DoMyOwn staff

Learn how install the bulbs and use the luralite pro fly light.

 How to Use the Luralite Pro Fly Light Indoor Electric Fly Trap Video Play

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Video Transcript

Today, we are going to talk about the LuraLite Pro Fly Light. When you receive your LuraLite Pro Fly Light, it's going to have three major components. The chassis, which is the unit here. The reflector, which is this unit here.  And the shield.  These are the three major components.  Also, along with those you will receive two 15 watt UV bulbs, one glue board, and one set of instructions. When you get ready to hang your LuraLite Pro Fly Light, the first thing you'll want to do is make sure to hang it somewhere the plug will reach an outlet.  It's very important that your plug be able to reach an outlet.  We recommend that you hang your LuraLite Pro Fly Light six feet from the ground. The next step is installing the two UV bulbs that you receive with your fly light.  Two slots, slide it in, turn and click. So again, slide the light bulb into the groove, turn and you'll feel the click.  You'll notice that the lights did not come on.  The second part is the reflector.  And the last piece is the protector shield.  You'll notice on the back there's this tab right here. This tab pushes in a safety which will allow the light bulb to light. This attaches just like so.  Once that safety piece goes in, you'll see the light bulbs light up.  And after the bulbs are lit, you'll slide in your glue board, just like so.  
And there you have it, the LuraLite Pro Fly Light fully installed. A few things to note about the LuraLite Pro Fly Light. One is the UV bulbs. Their effectiveness is good for about six months. While they may stay lit and you think they're working, they're not.  The UV looses it's effectiveness to attract flies so you'll want to replace these bulbs at least every six months in order to attract flies.  Also, the glue board needs to be replaced every 30 days, unless it's in heavy usage and needs to be replaced more often.  
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