Hydromulch is a mix of materials meant to protect new, developing turf from erosion and to facilitate quick plant establishment. Using hydromulch will help hold moisture and protect from wind, rain, sun, and pests by binding grass seed and a mix of mulch, tack, and other soil conditioners to create a flexible growth medium. 

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An effective and convenient binding agent that exceeds the requirements for non alphastic tacking emulsions.

Using Hydromulch

Hydromulch has several uses expanded beyond simply erosion control. There are many practical uses for hydromulch applications, and they can be more helpful in some cases than traditional mulch materials. Here is a brief list of applications and uses for hydromulches:

  • Hyrdomulch is usually made from recycled paper, blends of paper and wood, all wood, or straw and is generally non-toxic.
  • It can be used in residential lawns, national parks, city parks, sport and recreation fields, and golf courses. Besides being easy to apply to steep banks or hills, it can be a different way to seed and mulch new turf.
  • Mixing seed into the hydromulch material can make it much quicker to apply the seed, since you will be able to mulch and seed simultaneously.
  • You will be able to use less seed, since the mulch is designed to reduce seed loss by birds and insects as well as wind and other erosion factors.
  • The materials in hydromulch are designed to absorb and retain moisture, allowing for better survival of newly seeded turf and helps reduce the need to water as frequently.
  • Using a hydromulch will help facilitate much better turf growth; deeper roots and faster establishment will lead to much healthier turf.

Applying Hydromulch

Applying hydromulch is much like spraying other landscaping products on your lawn.

  • You’ll have to mix the product up to then spray the slurry on the area, and most of these products include all the materials you’d need without the hassle of mixing multiple products for one application.
  • Often times you will need a hydrospraying machine approved for the product you choose, as well as the appropriate nozzles and other attachments.
  • It can take half the manpower and time to apply hydromulch versus seeding and mulching separately, or applying other erosion control products.
  • Many hydromulches are dyed green for ease of application.

Some products are more appropriate for smaller lawns or home applications, like Pennington Combination Mulch Seed and Fertilizer, which allows you to simply apply like any seed/fertilizer and water in, but gives you the same affect as a hydromulch. It’s perfect for new lawns or patching, and includes multiple products to save you time.

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