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Mike from Richmond, Va writes

If I am re-seeding an area in a lawn that has been killed by pythium blight, when should I apply Subdue?

Should Subdue apply before preparing the soil for the seed, or after preparing the soil, or on the newly drilled seed, or after the seed has sprouted? Then, when should I apply follow-up treatments with Subdue, if the re-seeding was done in early September in Virginia?


Subdue MAXX Fungicide would be applied immediately after seeding per the product label. Re-treat at 7 to 14-day intervals if conditions remain favorable for disease. For best effi cacy, 1/2 inch irrigation or rainfall is required within 24 hours after application.

Note: For long-term control of Pythium in areas when using seed treated with the active ingredient contained in Subdue MAXX, make an application of Subdue MAXX 7-10 days after seeding

Answer last updated on: 09/04/2018

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