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Jeff from St. Louis, Mo. writes

If I broadcast Mossy Oak BioLogic Alfalfa Additive, how many pounds per acre do we plant?

I have approximately 2 acres in a bottom corner would like to plant alfalfa and the rest of the field will be corn. The alfalfa is to draw in deer. Do you have soil test kits? Why is this product better than regular alfalfa?


The Mossy Oak BioLogic Alfalfa Additive will provide high protein for whitetail deer and will attract them early season and late season. It has great resistance to browsing and drought. This is designed to be added to already existing plots or new plantings and is a great additive for clover fields. It will make a food plot even better than it was. This product can be used in both spring and fall planting seasons since you are in the middle latitudes. You will use 9 lbs per acre or can be used to mix with other blends at the time of seeding. You can use the product in areas you are overseeding. We do sell a Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit. Simply mix soil with water then pour the water off, dissolve a test capsule, and compare the color to the included chart.

Answer last updated on: 02/18/2016

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