Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit 1601

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Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit 1601 soil test kit

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Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit 1601

Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit 1601 is an inexpensive and innovative way of testing several soil conditions. Uses a unique and easy color comparator capsule system, 40 tests come with this kit and allow you to perform 10 tests each to measure the levels of pH, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Easy to follow instructions require no experience to perform these simple, accurate, tests with fast results. The included chart contains levels for NPK and pH for over 100 plants and has instructions included on adjusting fertilization and soil conditions.

Easy to follow instructions:

Simply mix soil with water then pour the water off, dissolve a test capsule, and compare the color to the included chart.

This Rapitest Soil Test Kit is designed for simplicity of use and accurate results. At the heart of the system are 4 patented, specially designed testing devices called “color comparators” - one each for pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash. Each comparator has a removable film color chart and color coded top. Capsules for each test are also color-coded.

For lawns, annuals or house plants, take the soil sample from about 2-3" below the surface. For perennials especially shrubs, vegetables and fruit, the sample should be from 4” deep. Avoid touching the soil with your  hands. Test different areas of your soil, as it may differ according to past cultivation, underlying soil differences or a localized condition. It is preferable to make individual tests on several samples from different areas, than  to mix the samples together.  Place your soil sample into a clean container.  Break the sample up with the trowel or spoon and allow it to dry out naturally. This is not essential, however it makes working with the sample easier.  Remove any small stones, organic material such as grass, weeds or roots and hard particles of lime. Then crumble the sample finely and mix it thoroughly.

Dispose of test solutions by rinsing down the sink. Empty gelatin capsules should be disposed of immediately with household waste. Remove the color charts. Wash the comparators and caps in warm, soapy water  immediately after each use. Make sure any sediment or color staining is removed.  Rinse well and dry. Replace the color charts on the appropriate comparators. Each bag of capsules should be stored inside its comparator. Fit the caps on each comparator. Place all components back into the package. The blister pack has been specially designed to be reused as a storage container.  Store your kit in clean, dry conditions,  indoors. The powders are safe in normal domestic terms but like all chemicals & pharmaceuticals, they should be put away and kept out of reach of children. Try to avoid touching the powders. Always wash your hands thoroughly after making your tests. Do not eat, drink or smoke while using the soil test kit. Keep powders away from food, drink and animal feed. If taken internally, drink copious amounts of water and seek medical advice.

Where a lot of fertilizer is needed to correct one plant food, divide the applications over several weeks. Do not add lime and fertilizer together; lime first. Allow at least one month to pass before applying fertilizer. Retest 30 days after applying fertilizer.

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11/25/2017 John from Davenport, Iowa

QThe directions for the Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit 1601 are unclear. What does "illuminate" mean- "shine on" or "shine through"?
It says "allow daylight (not direct sunlight) to illuminate the solution."


In the directions for the Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit 1601, they are suggesting that you use natural light during the day to compare the test results color with the chart rather than comparing the colors at night using synthetic light.

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05/09/2014 Robert from New Ipswich,nh

QWhere can I find a MSDS sheet on this product? Or a list of the powders used inside each capsule for all tests

ALuster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit 1601 does not show an MSDS. Please contact Luster Leaf at 1-800-327-4635 for further information.

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