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Dave from Lexington.nebraska writes

If I dilute Talstar 7.9, 1oz in a gallon of water, what % of bifenthrin will I now have?

The store brand says 0.3% bifenthrin in a quart hose sprayer bottle.By the time this is diluted with the water from the hose what % am I using? I would like to triple the strength I am getting now with the store product.In other words ,how much 7.9% should go into the quart hose sprayer bottle to give me a .9%solution ?What would the final % be that I would be applying?


If you mix 1 oz of Talstar P per gallon of water you will be using a 0.06% solution. The Talstar P product label says not to use a higher concentration that the 0.06% solution and we do not recommend that you do so. We do not have any information on the store brand product that you used so we are not sure what the dilution usage rate would be on that product. Each hose end sprayer is different  in the way that it is used but if you are following the directions and use 1 oz of product per gallon of water then the end usage rate will be 0.06%.

Answer last updated on: 04/07/2012

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