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Crystal from Houston,tx writes

If I ordered Say Bye Bye Bug Spray how many days should I wait to spray the Zenprox EC?

Or vice versa if I used the zenprox spay today how soon can I use another bed by product? I know say bye bye bug spray works, it's money back guaranteed. I want to see what this zenprox ec can do until the good stuff come in the mail. It works and they dnt cone back with the say bye bed by Spray.


Since we do not sell the other product you have mentioned, we are not exactly sure what the active ingredients are in that product and how it may interact with other products. We believe you have an all-natural product which is probably designed to be a contact kill only. Be sure to follow the product label directions for what you have as far as how often and where the product can be applied. In general, we recommend using a combination of quick-kill and residual products to treat all the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide, so you can use multiple products at the same time as long as you are applying them in different areas (not one on top of the other). We recommend doing bed bug treatments every 10-14 days until you have 30 days without any signs of bed bugs. Zenprox EC can be used every 14 days. Please take a few moments to review our Bed Bug Treatment Guide for more tips and product recommendations.

Answer last updated on: 02/01/2018

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