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Tina writes

If I spray the pantry with Tempo SC Ultra, will this prevent any unhatched eggs to die once hatched? How long before I can put food back into the pantry?

I have a pantry moth infestation. I have thrown away all boxed food, but kept anything sealed in plastic.


We recommend that you continue to check any items brought into the home. Anything that has been opened should be inspected and sealed in airtight containers during the treatment process. Wipe down shelving, etc. with hot, soapy water to remove any potential larvae.  Tempo SC Ultra will only leave a residual to eradicate adult pantry pests that come into the treated surfaces.  It will not take care of unhatched eggs.  We suggest that you apply the products in our Pantry Pest Kit including the pantry traps (included in the Panty Kit) to disrupt the breeding cycle.

Answer last updated on: 12/27/2016

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