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Qiana from Muskegon, Mi writes

I'm getting ready to move into a rental house but it was infested with fleas. Can you bring fleas with you?


Fleas can be transferred from one place to another on your personal belongings that come into contact with infested areas. If the home you are getting ready to move into is already infested with fleas, you may want to consider treating first before you move in your belongings. We recommend using a product called Ultracide. It is our recommendation and industry standard that you vacuum immediately before the application of Ultracide and every day or every other day after the application for the next two weeks. Vacuums can physically remove a decent percentage of flea eggs that are in the carpet, along with much of the organic crud that the flea larvae feed on. At the end of the 2 week treatment period you may be required to do a follow up treatment of Ultracide to get rid of any stragglers.

Answer last updated on: 09/08/2011

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