Inergy Adjuvant

Inergy Adjuvant
Inergy Adjuvant

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Product Overview

Inergy Adjuvant is specially and uniquely formulated to help spray mixtures achieve its optimum performance. Contains ingredients that are beneficial and helpful for postemergence herbicides. It is ideal to use on hard-to-control plants which have thick and waxy cuticles. An excellent blend of surfactant and vegetable oil which makes it more effective. The Inergy Adjuvant may be used with defoliants, desiccants, herbicides, and other pesticides. It provides fast spreading and even distribution of pesticides on stem and leaf surfaces. Capable of withstanding extreme dry and hot weather conditions plus, it lessens the negative effects of the environment to increase the efficiency of the spray. This highly effective adjuvant may be applied as ground or aquatic treatment by using 3 to 6 pints per 100 gallons of spray solution and through aerial application with 6 to 16 pints per 100 gallons of solution. Available in a 2.5-gallon jug.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Methylated vegetable oil, polyether modified polysiloxane, alkylphenol ethoxylate - 99.0% Constituents ineffective as spray adjuvants - 1.0%
For use in Herbicides, desiccants, defoliants and other pesticides.
Application For ground and aquatic, apply 3 to 6 pints per 100 gallons of spray solution. For aerial, use 6 to 16 pints per 100 gallons of spray solution.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Formulation Liquid formula.
Special Features Promotes fast spreading, uniform distribution and absorption of pesticides on leaf and stem surfaces.
Shipping Weight 27.00 lbs
Manufacturer Winfield United CP (Mfg. Number: 184423)
UPC 01008844644970



INERGY is a unique blend of a highly refined and modified vegetable oil and a superior nonionic organo-silicone surfactant. Its distinctive chemistry allows for superior wetting and absorption of those pesticides or products whose labels recommend the addition of a spray adjuvant to improve coverage. The addition of INERGY to a spray tank solution will improve a spray application by the physically modifying the deposition and wetting characteristics of the spray solution, resulting in a more consistent and uniform spray deposit. INERGY is labeled for use with pesticides in agricultural cropping systems, aquatic industrial, right-of-ways and non-cropland, forestry, and turf applications. The addition INERGY to the spray solution has shown increased pesticidal activity especially if the following conditions exist:

  1. When used during periods of low relative humidity and high temperature.
  2. When used with water volume rates below 15 gallons per acre (GPA).
  3. When target species exceed recommended size guidelines on the pesticide label.
  4. When environmental conditions are less than favorable for the pesticide application.
  • Aerial
    • 0.75% - 2.0 %
    • 6 - 16 pints
  • Ground
    • 0.38% - 0.75%
    • 3 - 6 pints
  • Aquatic
    • 0.38% - 0.75%
    • 3 - 6 pints
  • High Volume/Hand Held
    • 0.25% - 0.75%
    • 2 - 6 pints


Prior to pesticide application, clean mixing, and application equipment according to pesticide label directions. To minimize foaming, fill spray tank 2/4 - 3/4 full of water. If foaming is anticipated or occurs, add Fast Break or Foaminator Dry. Add pesticides and/or fertilizers as directed by label or in the following sequence:

  • Micronutrients and fertilizers
  • Dry flowable and dispersible granules
  • Flowable
  • Water-soluble pesticides
  • Emulsifiable concentrates
  • Continue agitation and add INERGY.

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