Insecticides for Edible Gardens

When protecting vegetable gardens from intrusive pests, an insecticide specially labeled for edibles is essential. These specialty insecticides will control pests and leave the vegetables safe to eat. DoMyOwn’s insecticides for edibles are food-safe and effective on pests, controlling infestations and preventing future pest problems.

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A lawn and garden insecticide pellets that will quickly eliminate snails and slugs around the home.
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A home garden insecticide that kills caterpillars, aphids, white-flies and thrips without harming the flowers, fruits and vegetables.
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An insecticide in a Ready-To-Use bottle that kills over 100 different insects on contact without harming plants or blooms.

Edible Garden Insecticides and Pesticides

When growing a vegetable garden, you want to protect your hard work from insect pests that can destroy the fruits and vegetables. However, you cannot use any old insecticide on garden edibles. They must be specially designed for use on edible fruits and vegetables to keep you and your family safe when enjoying the healthy food from your garden.

Edible garden insecticides allow you to control insect pests safely. However, it is very important that you read all labels carefully, since many edible garden insecticides are formulated for certain pests and certain plants, and may have ill or no effect if not used according to the label. Few products are “all-purpose.”

The most important thing about edible garden insecticides is the time between insecticide application and harvest. This time period can vary widely from product to product, and even from vegetable to vegetable when using the same product. When choosing a product, consider what plants you want to protect, as well as what insects you want to control, so you can pick the right garden edible for your fruits and vegetables.

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