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    Kills sugar ants and you can put it anywhere

    By Anonymous on 07/14/2013

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    Does a very good job on sugar-feeding ants (little black or odorous kinds). Within a day there were dead ants everywhere, but still more streaming in. Took about a week for them to disappear completely. The gel form is great, you can take it out of the package and it just sticks to surfaces, great product.

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    Argentine ant supercolony

    By Ann on 10/20/2017

    Have coexisted with Argentine ants on a Southern California acre for 16 years--but in the past few years, the ants have been invading the house in increasing numbers. Finally had to declare war--I avoid using poisonous synthetic chemicals, so chose diatomaceous earth and Intice ant bait stations (boric acid). There are millions upon millions of ants on the property and so it has been a few weeks of nonstop application and bait placement to start seeing some results. Have noticed the constant streams of ants in certain areas of the acre have stopped, and there are much less ants in the house. Am focusing treatment around outdoor compost bins and pepper trees. Will keep the program going and hope for eventual peace.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)