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Dan from Ellensburg, Wa. writes

Is Delta Dust Insecticide a good product to get rid of ants?

I recently bought this product because I was trying to get rid of ants. I have noticed the ants avoid it and it hasn't been effective. I just wondered if this is effective for ants.


Delta Dust will eliminate ants that cross over treated areas. That being said, ants can be very sensitive to synthetic pyrethroids like the active ingredient that is contained in Delta dust, and can avoid treated areas in some situations. It is helpful to use Delta dust to treat the ant nest directly to eliminate the colony or if that is not possible than to use the dust to treat all of the cracks or crevices where the ants are gaining access to the home. We also carry several products that are non-repellent to ants such as Alpine Dust, Phantom Aerosol and for outdoor use Termidor SC as well as several ant bait products which the ants pick up and carry back to the colony.

Answer last updated on: 06/25/2012

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Delta Dust Insecticide

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