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Dj writes

Is Eco PCO WP-X effective against spider mites?

Also, it says 3-month residual effectiveness, does this mean it kills on contact when pests crawls on the surface?


Eco PCO WP-X is not labeled for spider mites. Eco PCO WP-X will last for up to 3 months indoors and about 1 month outdoors. Residual effect means that even after the product is dry it will keep killing insects. The dry residual will take a bit longer to actually kill the insect but when insects come in contact with the active residual they will die after a short period of time. We recommend Talstar P for spider mite control indoors and outdoors. Talstar P is safe to use around people and animals and it is very gentle on plants.

Answer last updated on: 02/10/2010

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