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Kris from Ridgecrest, Ca writes

Is it too late for an early spring application of Prograss EC Herbicide on non-dormant bermudagrass?

I have a hybrid bermudagrass lawn that is NOT overseeded with rye. The lawn has been practically overtaken by poa annua, but the bermudagrass is now starting to emerge from dormancy. Is it too late for an early spring application, and will an application harm the bermudagrass? Do I need to wait until late fall/early winter to attempt to control the annual bluegrass?


You should not apply Prograss EC Herbicide to Bermudagrass during Spring transition. Per the product label: "The final PROGRASS Herbicide application should be made to Bermudagrass no later than February 1st or 4 weeks prior to breaking of winter dormancy. Late applications (within 4 weeks of breaking dormancy) to turf that will be breaking dormancy may temporarily delay resumption of active growth (spring green-up) of Bermudagrass in the spring." Another popular product for controlling poa annua in Bermudagrass is Certainty Herbicide. Certainty will also work best when the poa is young (before tillering). We do not recommend applying post-emergent herbicides to Bermudagrass during Spring green up. In warm areas, the poa will die out on its own in the summer, and then we would recommend using a pre-emergent herbicide such as Prodiamine 65 WDG in late summer and fall to prevent the poa annua going forward.

Answer last updated on: 03/25/2018

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