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N from Vancouver, Bc writes

Is it unsafe for my family to have Contrac Blox in the air vents?

We have seen the rat with a camera and hear it regularly in different vents. We had the poison in boxes outside but it wasn't touched. I am concerned the poison may be inhaled by my family.


You should not put Contrac Blox or any other pesticides inside air vents or other similar systems within your home. Rodenticides must be secured in bait stations or otherwise in areas that are inaccessible to people, pets, and non-target animals. If rodenticide is not secured, then the rodents can hoard the bait and may move it to a location where it becomes accessible to non-target animals. We recommend using traps for rats that may be indoors. We have more tips on how to eliminate rats from your home in this guide.

Answer last updated on: 12/04/2019

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