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Ash from Spokane, Wa writes

Is NyGuard IGR recommended for springtails?

I am using Talstar + Excite R and in search for an IGR for springtail control and knockdown.


Springtails can be tough to eliminate because they reproduce very quickly.  Unfortunately, NyGuard IGR is not labeled for springtails.  In almost every case where people have springtails they also have a moisture problem such as a leaking or sweating pipe, poor ventilation in their crawl space, lots of wet mulch right up next to their house, etc. You must locate and correct the moisture problem to get rid of the springtails, insecticides alone will not do the job.  Please take a look at our article on How To Get Rid Of Springtails for more information. 

Answer last updated on: 06/27/2018

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