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Patricia from San Antonio, Tx writes

Is Ornamec Over-the-Top Grass Herbicide safe to use in my beds to eventually eradicate Bermuda grass?

Ok to use on top of Bamboo and Muhly Grass, Bicolor Iris, russian sage, salvia, Damianita, rosemary? Also I see different mixing rates on the label.Table 1--For spot treatments 10 oz per gallon (seems like a lot). And, I can't seem to find how many hours or day(s) I can store once mixed with water (in case can't get done in one day!)


Gordons Ornamec Over-the-Top Grass Herbicide is designed to target grasses, so it will not be safe to use on all the plants you have listed here. Per the product label, Ornamec should only be used as a direct spray around bamboo (not over the top of it), and it is used to kill muhly grass. Most of the other plants you listed should be tolerant, but keep in mind this cannot be used over herbs like rosemary if you plant to consume them. Please refer to Table 5 on the product label for the complete list of tolerant species. The spot treatment rate on Table 1 is 2.5 oz of Ornamec with 0.3 oz of a non-ionic surfactant per gallon of water. You should only mix the product that you plant to use right away; you do not want to store diluted products in your sprayer.

Answer last updated on: 09/26/2019

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