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Sarah from Fort Walton Beach, Fl writes

Is Precor 2000 plus premise spray safe in/on cabinets?

I noticed that precor is rated for both roaches and fleas. Two common problems for me. Naturally the roaches almost exclusively pop up in the kitchen or occasionally I'll find one in the cabinets dead. Is precor2000 safe to use in cabinets if I remove the food and kitchen utensils and then replace them after the precor dries? Or do you recommend another product for this purpose?


You should not spray Precor 2000 Plus Premise spray in your cabinets. You can spray it low around baseboards where roaches also like to hide. Up high in your cabinets you should use a roach bait gel such as Maxforce Roach Bait Gel. Using a roach bait gel in your cabinets has two benefits. 1. you will only be applying the product in cracks and crevices and will not be contaminating food or dishes. 2. the roaches will eat the bait and then because the bait works with a delayed reaction the roach will have time to go back to the nesting area and spread the bait. Most professionals also choose to bait on counters and in cabinets and then spray down low around the food area for safety reasons and also because it helps get rid of those roaches that like to stay hidden in the nesting area.

Answer last updated on: 03/25/2012

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