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Ti writes

Is Terad3 Blox safer for large dogs who eat very large field rats?

I own imported Large boned Dobermans for show. The bad thing is they constantly "hunt" rats and willfully consume the whole thing. I currently have an infestation of very large field rats in the crawlspace. Any suggestions for how to to get rid of the large rats, yet keep my dogs safe?


Terad3 Blox is an excellent bait choice if you are concerned about secondary poisoning, such as your dogs eating rodents that have consumed the bait, since it is designed with this type of situation in mind. Of course, you should always use baits in tamper-resistant stations and store baits out of reach of children and non-target animals. For indoor areas such as a crawl space, we would recommend using traps such as the Catchmaster Easy Set Rat Snap Trap so that you can easily locate and remove dead rodents. Please see our Rat Treatment Guide for additional tips and information.

Answer last updated on: 11/01/2016

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