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Tammy from Petersburg, Ny writes

Is the New York Stink Bug Control Kit effective on cluster flies or carpenter bees?

Also, when is the best time to apply?


Yes, you could use the New York Stink Bug Control Kit for cluster flies and for carpenter bees. Cluster flies are an overwintering pest, so you would treat them the same way that you would treat stink bugs. This means the best time to treat for them is preventative treatment in late Summer and Fall (usually late August - November) until you have a hard freeze. We do also sell a NY Carpenter Bee Control Kit, which has Evergreen Dust for a slightly faster dust kill, a hand duster with a more flexible tip, and plugs to seal up carpenter bee holes after treatment. The products in that kit are appropriate for use against cluster flies, as well. For carpenter bees, you will treat in Spring, usually late March to early May.

Answer last updated on: 04/02/2018

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New York Stink Bug Control Kit

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