New York Stink Bug Control Kit

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New York Stink Bug Control Kit

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2 Reviews | 5 Q&A

Product Overview

The New York Stink Bug Control Kit contains a combination of professional products to protect your home from a variety of insects including stink bugs (including the brown marmorated stink bug), kudzu bugs, lady bugs (Asian beetles), box elder bugs, pill bugs and more. Best of all, the products in the New York Stink Bug Control Kit are all available and approved to ship to NY. This kit includes FenvaStar EcoCap Insecticide, CimeXa Insecticide Dust which is 100% Silica dust, and a hand duster for easy application. FenvaStar EcoCap is a concentrate that is diluted with water and applied outdoors to stop pests before they enter. CimeXa Insecticide Dust offers further protection with extra long-lasting residual.

For the best Stink Bug Treatment, perform a thorough Inspection prior to treatment, and practice good sanitation and exclusion to prevent these pests from entering the home. Treatments should begin in August before temperatures begin to drop and continue through November or until the first frost.

A one gallon hand pump sprayer (sold separately) is required to apply the Temprid SC in this kit. We recommend a hand pump sprayer like the Chapin one gallon sprayer, or the Chapin Premier one gallon sprayer.

For superior indoor treatment of stink bugs and kudzu bugs, we recommend also purchasing the Bonide Stink Bug Trap.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient FenvaStar EcoCAp: Esfenvalerate - 3.5% CimeXa: Amorphous Silica Gel - 100%
Target pests Controls insects including Stink Bugs, Kudzu Bugs, Lady Bugs, BoxElder Bugs, Pill Bugs, and more.
For use in Indoors and Outdoors
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed.
Yield FenvaStar EcoCap in this kit will make up to 8 gallons of finished solution. One complete treatment of a home will require at least 1-2 gallons of solution. A home should be treated monthly for 4 months (Aug - Nov), so we've included enough FenvaStar EcoCap to spray throughout the fall and winter months.

CimeXa Insecticide Dust apply at a rate of 2 ounces per 100 square feet. In attics and crawlspaces, apply at a rate of 1 lb per 1000 square feet. Use a handheld bellows, bulb or puffer bottle type duster to apply a light, visible film. A power duster may also be used. Liquid Application: CimeXa can also be used as a spray. Mix 1 lb. of product with 1 gallon of clean water. Apply approx. 1 qt of solution per 250 sq ft. of area to be treated. The product will be left behind after the water evaporates.
Shipping Weight 1.60 lbs


The New York Stink Bug Control Kit contains the insecticides needed to help keep stink bugs and similar overwintering pests out in the Fall. This kit can be shipped to any location in the US.  It is important to perform a thorough inspection of the structures you want to protect so that you can identify and correct any areas where stink bugs are able to harbor and possibly enter the structure. These preventative measures will greatly increase your chances of a successful Stink Bug Treatment.

How to Apply the New York Stink Bug Kit

Stink Bug Treatment should begin before temperatures drop and pests start searching for places to harbor for the winter. Relying on treatments in the Spring, when pests are moving back outdoors, will provide limited results. Your first treatment should be in August, before the weather begins to cool, and continue through November or until the first frost of the Fall. The best treatment for overwintering pests is preventative treatment.

STEP 1 - SPRAY - FenvaStar EcoCap

FenvaStar EcoCap is a liquid insecticide concentrate with the active ingredient Esfenvalerate, a synthetic pyrethroid that keeps killing pests long after application. FenvaStar must be diluted with water and applied with a pressurized sprayer. FenvaStar EcoCap also has the advantage of microencapsulation, meaning the product is a concentrated suspension with millions of tiny capsules containing the active ingredient. When insects come into contact with the spray or residual left from applying FenvaStar EcoCap, they pick up the tiny capsules on the hairs on their legs and bodies, and the esfenvalerate attacks the central nervous system of the insects, causing paralysis and eventual death.

*Always wear gloves such as Nitrile Chemical Resistant gloves when handling and mixing pesticides.

*To mix the FenvaStar EcoCap, fill sprayer tank 1/3 - 1/2 with clean, temperate water. Shake FenvaStar before opening, then add desired amount of concentrate to sprayer tank. Shake or agitate mixture before adding remainder of water, then agitate again before spraying.

*To measure FenvaStar concentrate, tip the bottle toward the small reservoir and fill to the desired level. Unscrew only the cap on the angled reservoir side to dispense the concentrate.

*For initial treatment, use 2 oz. of concentrate per gallon of water.

*For follow up treatments, use 1 oz. of concentrate per gallon of water.

*Spray FenvaStar solution around the outside of the home to create a protective barrier to keep bugs from getting inside. Spray about 3 ft. up the side of the house, and about 3-5 ft. out from the structure from the base of the foundation (spraying directly on the ground) -- this will give you a powerful continuous barrier against pests.

*Spray around window frames, door frames, any cracks and crevices around foundation or where caulking around windows and doors has opened up, around vents leading inside, and around lights (these bugs are attracted to the light from windows, doors, etc.).

*Concentrate spot treatments on the sides of the home that receive afternoon and/or full sunlight.

*Spot treat indoors along window frames, door frames, garage doors, attic vents, and where utilities enter.

*Keep pets and children out of the treatment area while spraying and until the application has dried, usually about an hour.

*Try to use up all the spray mixture in one application. If spray solution is stored overnight, re-agitate the tank before spraying.

*Do not apply FenvaStar EcoCap to edible plants such as vegetable gardens or fruit trees.

*Repeat treatment every 30 days through the Fall or until the first frost.

*Store insecticides out of reach of children and pets and out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

STEP 2 - DUST - CimeXa Insecticide Dust and Bellow Hand Duster

For the best control of stink bugs and similar pests, apply CimeXa Dust both indoors and in cracks and crevices outdoors. CimeXa Dust is all natural and contains no active ingredients that degrade in sunlight or over time. Using the included bellow hand duster ensures accurate applications into areas where dust will not be easily moved or washed away by rainfall.

*After your insecticide spray has dried, you can apply the insecticide dust.

*Using insecticide dust can be very messy, so be sure to wear gloves and consider having a moist paper towel handy to clean up excess dust indoors.

*To fill the Bellow Hand Duster, remove the black rubber stopper on top of the duster. Gently unscrew the white top of the CimeXa dust, then slowly tap the dust into the duster. Fill the duster up to halfway (or less), so there is plenty of room for the dust to move inside the duster.

*You may want to add a few small objects such as coins, pebbles, or marbles to prevent clumping inside the duster.

*Replace the black stopper so that it fits snugly into the opening. Remove the black rubber cap from the end of the extension wand. To apply dust, hold the duster upside down, so that the extension wand is on top, then gently squeeze the bellows between the thumb and fingers.

*Apply insecticide dust to cracks and crevices such as:

  • around window and door frames
  • around areas where cables, pipes and wires enter the structure
  • around eaves and soffits
  • any crack, crevice or gap where pests can enter

*Dust can also be used indoors in cracks and crevices where the dust will not easily be removed or disturbed, such as behind outlet covers, under baseboards, around pipe collars, and under and behind cabinets.

*Re-apply insecticide dust every 6 months.

*See our Video for more tips on dusting.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    stink bugs spray that works!

    By Louise on 09/23/2014

    Verified Purchase

    Last year was stink bug hell in my house. Didn't know anything about them. This year I started early getting info and learning about them. I purchased this spray in august. In combination with the stink bug traps for outside I've only had one or two in the house so far as opposed to dozens at the same time last year. Will definitely purchase again and spray in the spring to try and kill the eggs. Didn't harm trees and plants by the way.

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    14 of 14 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Kills 'em Dead

    By Michael on 11/17/2017

    Used the liquid spray late in the season not expecting much help. The elder bugs started falling right away. Checked on the condition few days later and didn't see one. Thanks for your product!

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    5 of 5 people found this review helpful

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Questions & Answers

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When to apply New York Stink Bug Control Kit?

When is best time to apply this product? Spring or Fall?


It is best to apply the New York Stink Bug Control Kit would be in late Summer before the stink bugs try to make their way indoors for cooler weather. You can still use the fenvastar and especially the dust during the year. You just want to make sure to find any hiding places (baseboards, drop ceilings, door frames) and apply the Cimexa dust in those areas.

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How much water do I use in a 1 gallon sprayer to mix with the Fenvastar EcoCap?

When mixing the Fenvastar EcoCap you will use 1oz of the Fenvastar to 1 gallon of water in your sprayer.

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2 of 2 people found this answer helpful

What other bugs will be effected by the New York Stink Bug Control Kit?

The New York Stink Bug Control Kit will eradicate many other insects such as boxelder bugs, kudzu bugs, ladybugs, ants, beetles, bees, silverfish, earwigs, spiders, roaches and many more. For a full list of pests, please refer to the product labels below.

FenvaStar EcoCap


CimeXa Dust

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Is the New York Stink Bug Control Kit effective on cluster flies or carpenter bees?

Also, when is the best time to apply?


Yes, you could use the New York Stink Bug Control Kit for cluster flies and for carpenter bees. Cluster flies are an overwintering pest, so you would treat them the same way that you would treat stink bugs. This means the best time to treat for them is preventative treatment in late Summer and Fall (usually late August - November) until you have a hard freeze. We do also sell a NY Carpenter Bee Control Kit, which has Evergreen Dust for a slightly faster dust kill, a hand duster with a more flexible tip, and plugs to seal up carpenter bee holes after treatment. The products in that kit are appropriate for use against cluster flies, as well. For carpenter bees, you will treat in Spring, usually late March to early May.

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Is the New York Stink Bug Control Kit harmful to pets?

Pets should not be in the area when applying the products in our New York Stink Bug Control Kit or when wet. Once the treated areas are completely dried, they can return. 

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New York Stink Bug Control Kit 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (2 Reviews / 5 Q&A)

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