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Virginia from Hummelstown, Pa writes

Is there a yellow jacket repellent or insecticide for fountains?

I'm in PA where we're having a heat wave and yellow jackets have taken up drinking out of a small container fountain on my balcony. I'm deathly allergic to their sting. Is there anything we can put in our fountain to deter them or kill them that will not hurt other wildlife, including my cat.


The Alpine Yellow Jacket Bait Stations would be a great option for yellow jackets. There are several species of yellow jackets that are not scavengers and would not be attracted to the stations.  You use the stations by placing a mixture of tuna or other food attractant (see below for examples) with a small amount of onslaught insecticide in each Alpine bait station. The stations are then hung around the outside of the home, out of reach of children, but accessible to yellow jackets. We recommend trying out a few baits without the Onslaught before using the kit to ensure the species you are treating will take to a bait. A few recommended baits: raw chicken pieces, raw fish, canned tuna, cat food, or fruit. 

Answer last updated on: 07/26/2016

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